How I can help

I create the tools you need for success

With more than 25 years in training and communications, I’ve worked with businesses large and small. From some of Canada’s largest corporations, to local not-for-profits and solopreneurs, I’ve developed tools and strategies to help teams of all sizes succeed.

Communications – Content Creation and Strategy

  • Content marketing
  • Sales and customer service scripts and tools
  • Sales enablement tools and resources
  • Retention programs  
  • Blog posts, newsletters, social media posts
  • Case studies, white papers
  • SEO strategies and website content
  • Public and media relations
  • Corporate communications documentation
  • Fundraising strategies and materials

    You and your team need to focus on moving your business forward – not on writing. But to connect with customers, you need the right content and that takes time you don’t have. I can help with content that gets results. I use tools and formulae that have been proven to result in up to a 30% increase in response rates. I can save your team time and increase their success rates by creating effective messaging and content that provide value to prospective customers.

    Employee engagement is key for retention. I provide effective strategies and content to keep your employees, up-to-date, informed and invested in the business.

    Training – Development and Delivery

    • Sales skills (for sales and non-sales roles)
    • Customer service and retention
    • Leadership and coaching skills
    • Communications and presentation skills
    • Team building
    • Personal branding

    Give your team the skills to do the job. I provide practical, hands-on training that gets results. customer service training to leadership development, I can help with strategic programs to give your team the confidence to succeed.

    While selling and customer service come naturally to an elite few, that’s not the case for most employees. No matter how great your content and tools are, your customer-facing teams won’t reach their potential without the right skills. You need practical training that connects your team to the content they’ll use on the job. I create training that relevant and focused to build the skills your team needs to hit the ground running.

    Coaching – Strategy and Programs

    • Sales and customer service
    • Performance management
    • Coaching programs, tools, and training
    • Quality assurance metrics

      Training gives your team the skills they need. But how do you sustain the learning? That’s where coaching comes in. The most successful teams have effective coaching programs to keep them accountable and support continuous learning. My coaching programs build on the skills developed in training and continue to focus on effective use of tools and content.

      Coaching doesn’t have to be complicated – together, we’ll keep it simple and effective, and you’ll see results. We’ll give your leaders the skills and tools they need to keep their teams reaching for the stars.

      Set up your team for success

      Your team has unique challenges, and you don’t need a one size fits all program. To get the right-fit solution, I collaborate with your team to ensure I understand how your team works, so everything I create aligns with your processes. Need help with process development? I’ve got you covered there too!

      Ready to connect?

      Let’s set up a time to chat. We’ll talk about your needs, and I’ll answer your questions about how I can help you and your team succeed.

      Email me at, call me at 705.571.9119, or use my contact form to start the conversation.