Create a culture of sales success


Create a Culture of Sales Success

You need more than just tools and training to sustain results and rise above the competition. You need to build a culture of sales success. That means big-picture thinking and integrated resources. 

Yes, great sales training builds skills and knowledge, but that’s not enough. Your salespeople (who sometimes double as customer service reps and vice versa) need the right content and resources to create customer connections and close sales. They need ongoing development opportunities and coaching to keep the momentum going. 

An integrated approach

Creating the right sales culture means optimizing all pieces of the puzzle. 

That’s where I come in.  I know how to put the puzzle together and I provide your team with not only the skills and resources but also the confidence they need to succeed.

That means:

  • Meaningful sales content 
  • Practical, relevant sales training 
  • Coaching programs and tools 

With integrated tools and learning, you’ll increase engagement and keep your team striving for sales excellence. 


Your sales team is there to sell, not to write content. You want them focused on selling, but they need the tools to do it right.

As a sales enablement expert, I create content to help them close the deal:

  • Telephone and email scripts that break the ice and open the door to conversation
  • Follow-up emails that engage new prospects
  • Contact center resources including scripts, FAQs, objection handling tools for phone, email and chat agents
  • Sales content like sales sheets and battelcards to help with consistent, effective messaging about features, benefits, competitive advantages, and responses to objections
  • Well-crafted elevator pitches
  • Sales decks that tell their product story and help with focused, effective messaging
  • Proposal templates that use best practices to persuade and convince

I don’t just create content. I’m create content that works. I use tools and formulae that have been proven to result in up to a 30% increase in response rates.

I save your sales team time and increase their success rates by creating effective messaging that provides value to prospective customers.


While selling comes naturally to an elite few, that’s not the case for most salespeople. No matter how great your sales tools are, your sales teams won’t reach their potential without the right skills.

You need practical training that connects your team to the content they’ll use on the job. I create training that relevant and focused to build the skills your team needs to hit the ground running.

Investing in sales training can boost individual sales performance by an average of 20%. With more than 25 years of sales training experience, I develop effective training programs that get results.


Training gives your team the skills they need. But how do you sustain the learning? That’s where coaching comes in. The most successful sales teams have effective coaching programs to keep them accountable and support continuous learning. My coaching programs build on the skills developed in training and continue to focus on effective use of sales content.

Companies with dynamic sales coaching programs achieve 28% higher win rates.
Coaching doesn’t have to be complicated – together, we’ll keep it simple and effective, and you’ll see results. We’ll give your leaders the skills and tools they need to keep their teams reaching for the stars.

Set up your team for success

Your team has unique challenges, and you don’t need a one size fits all program. To get the right-fit solution, I collaborate with your team to ensure I understand how your team makes sales, so everything I create aligns with your sales process (Don’t have a sales process? I can help you there too!)

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